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burns fat, smooths body lines, removes dead skin cells and helps create new ones.

Coconut oil

moisturizes, prevents stretch marks, speeds up metabolism.


calms irritated skin, rich with vitamins A, B, and D as well as lecithin and fatty acids.

Palm Oil

rich with A vitamin, strengthens cell membranes and epidermis.

Jojoba oil

makes skin soft and flexible, tightens loose skin, prevents the appearance of sun spots.

Shea butter

rich with E and A vitamins, soothes skin redness, protects against sun damage.

100% natural ingredients


Multi-Sensory Experience

Expresses and emphasize your sensuality. smile, touch, smell, love.


The caffeine enters the body through the skin cells, stimulates blood circulation for great and long lasting energy.


Great aroma, for soft and pleasant to touch body skin, relaxing and fun massage
(better together...)


Reach with vitamins, protect the body skin against wide range damages, fat burning and improving metabolism.


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